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Classic Sith Philosophy

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1 Classic Sith Philosophy on Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:08 pm

Creativity through conflict. Without it, stagnation. Strong passions and goals give unbreakable intent that empowers us.

Strife leads to victory. Strength leads to power and advancement. Without a life on the edge inactivity and lack of business and social success reign.

Superior power demonstration = true victory.
All else is temporary (illusion) and folly.

To do whatever we wish, we must try to be free, responsible (or responsive), and strive for perfection. (although perfection is a goal and not a state of being)

The Source (Tao, God, Goddess, Chaos) frees us!
Strive for perfection or excellence and the Source shall reward you if you become Her favorites.

Master of the universe are they who wield ultimate power through mastery of themselves, their emotions, and the Source.

Note: I had to do very little revision. The fictional Sith are almost identical in philosophy to their "Left-hand path" (or whatever) counterparts. Fortunately the modern Sithist isn't bound by a code.

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